13 comments on “The supermarkets that are open on SUNDAY

  1. “Katholischer Gottesstaat Österreich”, that’s how I’d call Austria. I remember, a few years ago shops closed round 12am on a Saturday. But cheer up, there’s going to be a Spar Pronto at the new Hauptbahnhof.


  2. A large Turkish grocery store is open on Sundays in Tabor Strasse, about 1 km north of the canal.


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  4. Then there would be a number of people that could not enjoy a normal family life with their kids on a Sunday stroll at the park? Because mummy had to wortk shifts on Sundays?
    She’d probably get paid to (overtime wages),l ,expences the shops had to get back somehow?
    And since it would be no solution to alter prices every Sunday, the prices would probably go up through the rest of the week as well?
    When shops are open between 8 am – 11 pm through the week, why isn’t i possible to find time to do your shopping except for Sundays? I don’t get it! Mostly a bad habit?

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  5. They’re not ‘bogans’ they are just regular people trying to do their grocery shopping too. People with peircings and coloured hair are not more agressive or violent than people without. Please don’t judge others by their appearance.


    • Not quite. I am not sure that we have the same definition of bogans, but in any case, this is not a judgement but a description. I very rarely judge people in such a manner. “Regular” people (your words) going about their shopping do not hang out on the ground outside the supermarket asking for money, so I feel that the description is fair. Like I said, they don’t threaten people. I’m just describing the scene.


  6. I live in what might be termed rural Austria, and its only this past year that a shop near the largest ski resort has opened on Sunday mornings. There is also a small supermarket with our garage, so that is open everyday until 10. Such progress! I’ve got to enjoy the peaceful weekends here, wouldn’t want it otherwise!!!!


    • Very true! I grew up with this in Norway, so it’s very similar there. At least here you can pick up a bottle of wine at the supermarket if so desired. 😀


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