5 comments on “H.C. Strache – most hated politician?

      • Thanks Hannah! Yeah… I never understood the strong position that rigth wing has in Austria. I mean, I can perhaps understand it from a histoical viewpoint, but seeing as most people I know detest the guy, I’m wondering then WHO actually votes for him? Strange paradox.


  1. Well, I guess the people that you know are not the same people that tut and move away, uttering “Auslaender” under their breath, when they hear me speaking English on the U-bahn. Or the old ladies at the bus stop, who strike up conversation with me to complain about Turkish people in Vienna, and don’t see the hypocrisy that they are telling their opinions to a foreigner who, by the virtue of being white and Northern European, is somehow not in the same category, despite the fact that I speak less German than most of the Turkish community… It still shocks me that the FPO has 25% of the vote – is that really true? I didn’t realise it was that high.


    • I know it too well… Being Norwegian I get a lot of that, as they somehow love Norway and the people there. You can even see the attitude change from when they find out I’m foreign to when it’s clear that I’m Norwegian… I speak German well, but I’m still a foreigner, hired by an Austrian WKO owned company, so technically even fulfilling their fears of people coming here and taking away jobs from Austrians! I’m sad to say that FPO has about 28% of the votes….


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