5 comments on “Ice cream parlours

    • It looks amazing 🙂 I don’t buy exotic fruits though, nor things that are made directly from them, seeing as the impact on the environment of getting them from South America/Africa/Asia to here is pretty massive when you look at the total volume that is transported every year. Call me a spoilsport… 😉 but I have made that sacrifice to be a bit of a more conscious consumer. What I like about Tichy is that they use a lot of local products, and also that it tastes just amaaazing. But let’s face it: Most ice cream is amazing in this weather!!! 🙂


      • I can agree with you on that aspect and also try to avoid consuming products that are far away but sometimes I cheat and indulge into these exotic treats 🙂 Haha definitely! And some ice cold beer. Cheers! 😀


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