6 comments on “Autumn at Stadion

  1. Hi Tina, no need to post this comment, but feel free to, I follow your big and like your posts and also recently moved to Austria from Prague – originally from NZ. In the Wachau now, but if you’d like to meet for a coffee that would be nice. Take care and keep posting. Nigel


    • Hi Nigel – Kiwis are taking over!!! 😀 You can normally find me at Flanagans for the All Blacks games if you wanna catch up, otherwise we could sort something out in the months to come I’m sure. 🙂 A bit busy these days as I’m starting teaching next week…


      • Cool, I’ll try to let you know when I’ll be in Wien (instead of Wein), it depends on the weather at the moment (making wine) though there is a slight chance I’ll be that way tomorrow. Is Flanagans where the touch rugby folks hang out?


        • Hey I haven’t a clue! I know that there are some rugby players that hang out there for the games, but don’t really know much about touch rugby… I know there is a club here that does touch, but haven’t investigated it any further. Just drop me a line if you’re in one evening – I always work during the days. 🙂


        • Hi, there’s half a chance I’ll be in Wien on Sunday to watch the rugby NZ vz Ireland. Unfortunately my better half won’t be with. Will confirm Sunday…name the place. 🙂


        • Eek! we were in Prague… SOME DAY! we’ll make it work!! I promise! I’m back to business now, so will be more regularly checking what’s happening on the blog. 😉


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