7 comments on “A guide to coffee at Aida

      • Yes I guess that would make it interesting if you didn’t happen to like coffee. I must admit it’s not my favourite drink either although I can usually go a Caramel Latte or a Coffee Toffee if encouraged…..neither of which is very good for the diet! Ah well what do they say…”You only live once!”


  1. They have it all wrong, though!

    Neither a kleiner/großer brauner nor a melange usually come with whipped cream (“mit Schlag, bitte” would be the secret password there). And the AIDA Melange is not a melange as you would normally get it – besides the lack of whipped cream, you would usually get a single espresso rather than a double, and they somehow always manage to make it all watery and gross, so what you´re drinking tastes and looks more like milky dishwater than coffee.

    The cappuccino they have spot on, though – that is, viennese “cappuccino”. Meaning: you will hardly ever be able to get a proper (i.e. NO CHOCOLATE) cappuccino in Vienna, because apparently some drunk italian dude at some point in history wanted to take the piss and told them the c´s in cappuccino stands for “cocoa! cocoa! more cocoa!”. (Which appears to have worked its way over to the caffe latte as well, but I wouldn´t know, as I´m not four years old, and thus never drink the stuff.)

    xoxo, your coffee-guzzling friend


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