4 comments on “A whole new world..

  1. Wow, the things I learn from your blog! Just now I had to look up Columbus Center because I had never heard of it. It’s amazing how in our minds the 10th is sooooooo far away and totally at the periphery of our consiousness, even though it’s pretty much right around the corner…


    • Haha it really is! Now ask me about the 13th district… that’s the one that seems the furthest away for me, but I think that’s also not too far away. Out by Schönbrunn and so on. Ok… that IS far away 😛


  2. Reumansplatz! Now i recognise the Columbus centre. For some reason i had it at Mariahilferstrasse Doh!… Lots of U Bahn lines there too on the pedestrian plaza. If you get chance go to the viewing tower of the Hauptbanhoff … truly great on a sunny day. Check out UPC too … always useful to get help on the Kable system … enjoy! Xmas is a bit tacky there tho … plenty of plastic imports with awful Jingle bells songs .. you know the slow electronic type when the battery is going flat…. 🙂


    • lol – yay for tackyness! I’ve seen the Bahnorama, the restaurant with the viewing tower. Seems like an interesting place! But it’s muuuch to cold outside now for me to feel like taking a lift up ten floors to stand outside and get the full impact of wind and weather on my body… 😛 I’m looking forward to Tichy in summer. It’s not that far away! whee!


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