14 comments on “What would you do (or rather, have done) with your blog if you passed away?

  1. Yeah, I’ve given thought to what would happen to this blog if I bought the ol farm. But, considering my other half isn’t a writer, I’m willing to bet when I go, so does the blog. I have taught her how to make a final post, so that would be the last one. But, also considering things you post on the Internet last forever, these blogs I’ve written will do so as well. So in reality I guess, even though someday I will be gone, the blogs I’ve written will live on. For what that’s worth.


    • Yeah, they’re not easily erased. Even the blog I had as a fresh student is still on the net, a good five years after the last post. But interesting to know that you have someone who can post a final message for you πŸ™‚


  2. Its really so weird..but today morning, during an idle moment, my thought wandered to the same thing…and I was wondering..if it would be possible to write my own obituary, and get it posted after I die!! πŸ™‚


  3. Very thought-provoking… perhaps there should be a blog library… in a hundred years time out witterings might be a useful snapshot of life now!


    • you shouldn’t wonder too much … this is a reality and it is thought provoking … for me, it’s nice to have a memory for the grand kids or future generations. maybe a plan to secretly write an obit through out all the blogs posted … a kind of treasure map … actually this could be a way to give my inheritance away to my son … he gets if he reads my blogs … ha ha ha (evil, mini me laugh -Austin powers )


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