20 comments on “Cool looking shop in the 9th just by Schottentor

  1. Schottentor? My German isn’t what it used to be but doesn’t that mean ‘Scots Gate?’ Big Scottish connection in Vienna is there? 😀


    • You know…. you’re the third person to ask me this! I think I need to do a separate post about it.. ‘Schwedenplatz’ has a connection to the Swedes back when they were thinking of taking over the World, but the name of Schottentor has a little more peaceful connotation: The old city gate was located here, when Vienna had a huge wall around it like all other respectable cities back in the day. This gate was close to the Scottisch (Irish) monastery, so they called it Schottentor. The monastery was actually Irish, but the distinction between the two seems to have had little importance…


      • Ah I see. Bergen of course has it’s Scots Street but as we’re just across the North Sea it makes more sense! Thanks Tina 😀


        • Never, but it is on my hitlist of places to visit. We have been discussing the possibility of doing the Budapest – Prague – Vienna triangle some year very soon 😀


        • Sounds like a good plan! Those three are awesome. I would recommend starting in Budapest, as that’s the ‘least impressive’ one, then Vienna, and then finishing with Prague which is just mindblowing…. just mindblowing. 🙂 I love Prague. It’s smaller and a bit more compact than Vienna, but so so lovely. 😀


  2. … wow, I had no idea of the Scott’s connection. Obvious really! Very useful information! Thanks. Couldn’t the name of the shop just say “2nd hand?” a lot of shops do this in Wien, that is write in a Englisch. @Tina , I like the use of your words respectable … of course back then they were civilised and polite societies 😉 a nice sardonic humour in the morning.


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