8 comments on “It can be so hard to stay awake..

  1. OMG yes. That is me every day on the bus home from work in the summer. The worst is when you only get a seat in one of those groups of 4 (which i suppose is EVERY SEAT in the u-bahn, but in the bus they’re so much closer), and you find yourself nodding off once a minute, mouth open, drooling on yourself (or the person next to you)… ugh.

    Also, there’s that thing where you keep your head up to try to avoid falling asleep, but you do anyway, and your head tips backwards instead, causing your tongue to block your airways, and 3… 2… 1… SNOOOOOOORE. By which you wake yourself up, and start flailing wildly and confusedly about in your seat, because where are you and what time is it and WHERE IS THAT TIGER THAT JUST ROARED????

    Yeah, I should work on getting more sleep before work :/


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