11 comments on “Blerg

  1. No such thing as bad weather, just not being dressed properly. Come on, Norwegian woman, haven’t you been out today? Photographers certainly don’t have to deal with heavy shadows on days like this.


      • I recommend shorts! They’re pretty cheap, right now, considering all of the SSV. I happen to have a few Krone lying around, that I could ‘lend’ you.


        • Ah… I’m the kind of Norwegian that can be happy and contented outside in -30 degrees if I’m dressed well, and miserable outside in +15 degrees if I’m poorly dressed… hm. Will probably need rain pants!


        • Try Tchibo! They have great stuff, mostly for women, too. / Just stumbled across your blog and saw the red & black deer. Photographed that one this past week. Love graffiti and sprayer art! / Heading out with camera. I hear Art Deco is calling me…


        • I’ll have a look 🙂 I just dig how Vienna is full of graffiti. Have you seen the motorway bridge at brigittenauer lände just by Heiligenstadt? There are some really nice pieces there!


        • As I fly thru the Bezirke on the UBahn I try to make a note of where I see stuff/graffiti. Will try to get up there in the next few days, especially if it’s near water, then I will definitely enjoy the outing. Will you be posting photos of sunshine in the coming days?


        • If there is any to be found!!!! The reason why I’ve seen those pieces under the motorway bridge is because the cycle lane to Q19 along the canal goes there. I was riding last week and saw some new pieces among the old. If it’s sunny again soon I’ll get on my bike again for sure!! come on sun…


  2. Oh well, I’d much rather have that weather and to be able to do something! In Romania we’ve been having at least 30 degrees, and I for one cannot do anything when I’m sweating ceaselessly. For instance, I put the violin on my shoulder and in a matter of seconds I’m already done for!


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