3 comments on “Good morning Vienna

      • it’s a huge area starting with “Satzberg” and “Dehnepark” and “Baumgarten” when I look out of my window in Hietzing/Hacking – some 15 minutes behind my house is “Lainzer Tiergarten” and this whole western border of Vienna with “Wiener Wald” traces along “Sophienalpe” and “Exelberg” and “Jubiläumswarte” (which I can see aswell from here) and continues to “Neuwaldegg” until further ending at Kahlenberg/Cobenzl/Leopoldsberg before the danube is crossing – it’s so huge that i never take the same way, sometimes i remember some parts and very slowly i find some orientation with a few walks every year in that regions. I think you may live in that area somewhere because i remember one other pic of a small church or something near Grinzing. so many busses leave from hĂĽtteldorf – one goes directly to grinzing. it#s quite confusing 🙂


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