11 comments on “Endurance

  1. Good luck on your last 6 months of uni work! 🙂

    I think it is great that you still have the motivation to post everyday since 3 years!

    I can totally relate to the dslr problem, that’s why I bought myself a handy digital camera I take with me anywhere.

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  2. For me my dslr is a burden that i have chosen to always carry with me 😛 No mobile phone can reach the same quality and post processing as tedious as it is, i can’t live without it, cause it is part of completing the image in the way that i felt it when i took it 🙂 I also noticed the same concerning posting times. There are many statistics online about days and times that people engage more with posts…but then again i guess it also depends on your target audience, there is a whole science behind it 😛 With trial and error you find what works best for you, just keep going 😀


    • Oh I know it! Most of my day I’m behind a desk though, and I keep having to drag books around with me.. occupational hazard. Nowadays I have my camera with a prime lens with me in my bag. I should go to the fitness studio again…..


  3. Always great photos Tina. As you know I’ve cut back on daily posting but, that said, I now also carry my camera around with me should I see something worth posting. Keep up the great work.

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  4. Good luck with the last phase of your Ph.D.! I for my part wasn’t able to keep up the posting frequency in the past months, because I was stuck at the desk and sometimes didn’t even leave the house for days, which I hear is a common occurrence in this situation. I think that people understand, though.

    Interesting observation about the timing of your posts. I found that mine get more likes when I post in the evening.

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