11 comments on “Christmas Market Tour #2: Wien Mitte

  1. Well said, i pass from there each day since it’s my neighborhood but it’s definitely one of the less impressive markets, only worth a quick stop 🙂


  2. “Well, otherwise I would recommend this as a passing through on the way home and wanting Punsch (when I lived there last year I found it excellent for this purpose).”

    YES. THIS. I was passing through Wien Mitte on the U-Bahn the other day, noticed the market there when I was changing trains, and had that exact idea:

    Thought #1: “What? A christmas market? Outside the mall? Really? That´s kind of sad… Who goes HERE for christmas spirit?”.

    Thought #2: “Well, one can never have too much christmas, I suppose… I mean, it looks sort of, eh, half-cozy. Kind of. Well, no. But it SMELLS right, at least. I can smell the punsch all the way over here.”

    Thought #3: “Actually… Well… You know… Today HAS been kind of an exhausting day…”

    Thought #4: ” Out of the way, people! MOMMY NEEDS A DRINK.”



    • LOL – I know right! The Glühwein and Punsch is just as nice here as other places. You just don’t get the marvellous atmosphere to go with it.
      I hope you enjoyed your drink 😀


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