11 comments on “Depressing days. Outside at least!

  1. Has it really only been five days? Feels like weeks to me. Ha, I also resorted to the Karlsplatz-Christkindlmarkt the other day. There is this organic place that serves Gluehwein made from Gelber Muskateller, which is to die for!


  2. Today it’s finally kinda sunny πŸ˜€ I didn’t find it so bad to be honest…I’m liking the overcast days for photos…but then again i’m into dark and dramatic images…I can make a happy christmas scene look like it’s the end of the world…hahaha


    • It’s ruining my life because up here at Kahlenberg we just cannot see ANYTHING when it’s overcast in winter – the clouds go so low that we are up in them, and a whole week of not seeing anything actually gets to me. Give me rain or whatever, but just not this eternal fog…. I’m so happy that I can see today!!!


  3. I feel for you. But then again, you are totally spoilt most days by having that amazing view over the city… so I’m not that sympathetic! Only kidding, it has been dire even at ground level!


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